As a Green Belt you actively support Six Sigma projects in your company and contribute directly to continuous improvement.

In our Six Sigma Green Belt course you will learn about the economic and strategic benefits of Six Sigma for your company. You will receive the qualification to apply the appropriate tools and methods for structured process improvement from a broad selection of tools and methods.

In addition, this course offers the optimal requisites for a later upgrade to the Six Sigma Black Belt. Our Black Belt course contiues with the content learned in the Green Belt course - without overlapping the content.

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As a Six Sigma Black Belt you will lead, plan and implement complex Six Sigma projects in your company and thereby contribute directly to the overall success.

You are an expert in methodology and statistics and master many different tools for process improvement. In addition, you support and advise the operative management.

The training builds upon the Green Belt training without overlapping. Furthermore, after the course, there is the possibility to continue with the Master Black Belt training or the Six Sigma Digital training.

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The analysis and interpretation of large amounts of data opens up new possibilities in process improvement that go beyond the traditional Six Sigma approach. For example, dashboards can be used to visualize aggregated data in real time. Rule-based algorithms enable autonomous control of complex process chains.

Big-Data-Analytics searches and models unknown cause-and-effect relationships without pre-defined combinations of factors. This form of digital analytics expands the range of instruments for problem solving in complex processes where, for example, classical statistical design of experiments is not feasible.

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SIX SIGMA Master Black Belt

The Six Sigma Master Black Belt takes on the role of the project manager for complex improvement projects. The Master Black Belt also supports the Six Sigma Black Belts in the selection of statistical methods and tools. He is responsible for the qualification of the Six Sigma Green Belts and Black Belts as well as for the development of Six Sigma training concepts.

The training is especially useful for employees or managers of larger companies or organizations who want to anchor Six Sigma as a business strategy in the long term. In coordination with the Institute IPL, the Master Black Belt training will be specifically adapted to the needs of your company.

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