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Increase your business success with Six Sigma!

Learn how to analyse, evaluate, improve and manage projects easyly. Save costs, avoid mistakes, increase customer satisfaction and create a clear basis for decision-making.

Business processes need to be put to the test constantly. No matter whether for large corporations or medium-sized companies, both in manufacturing and in service. Six Sigma is a globally recognized tool for the implementation of error-free processes.

Due to the digitalization of processes the use of Six Sigma in the company has become more important than ever before. A good digital process needs the right information in order to operate efficiently and error-free. Through Six Sigma you can identify relevant cause-and-effect relationships for your critical processes and thus better align your processes with digitalization. Not the availability of data is crucial for the success, but the identification of the relevant information of a process. Six Sigma turns data into the right information.

Current studies show that even modern Quality 4.0 cannot function without people and their skills and competencies. Not only technology and data are important - especially soft skills like project management, communication and problem solving are critical for success. Six Sigma is an integrative concept that forms the basis of a factory of the future.

The Institute IPL - with the support of the CEC Saar and the Universities of the Saarland - offers you the opportunity to develop your skills in various courses according to your wishes. The different courses make it possible for you to choose a level that fits your personal requirements and the needs of your company. The courses we offer are Green Belt, Black Belt, Master Black Belt as well as a special offer for digital support of Six Sigma.
On request, the institute also offers specific Six Sigma training courses to anchor the Six Sigma methodology in your organization, for example Six Sigma basic training for employees (Yellow Belt), champion training for management or financial champion training for accounting.


Our training content is conform with the ISO standards ISO13053-1:2011, ISO 13053-2:2011 and ISO 18404:2015 as well as with the guidelines of the American ASQ. The ASQ is the American Society for Quality, which describes and defines the content and requirements of the various training courses.

  • play an active role in shaping
    and improving processes

  • content according to ISO and ASQ

  • academic certification by CEC Saar
    for further scientific education

  • event guarantee
    Green Belt & Black Belt

Target group

You have management responsibility, are a university graduate or master craftsman/technician
with several years of professional experience and have a good command of English?

Are you involved in the digitalization of your company and want to learn more about the relevant data
and information that are important for the business processes visualized in a digital twin?

Do you enjoy working with numbers?
You are interested in research and development, manufacturing, service and quality control?

You have the strong intention to improve the processes in your company?

Then you are a suitable candidate for a Six-Sigma training!

Six Sigma Training Overview

Through our wide range of Six Sigma courses, we offer our participants different levels of education as well as the chance to get closer to the desired level by participating in the advanced courses which build upon each other. The Six Sigma Green Belt Course and the Six Sigma Black Belt Course have already fixed dates and it is guaranteed that the events are taking place. The dates for the Six Sigma Master Black Belt training as well as the Six Sigma Digital training will be fixed by agreement.

Get more information about our different trainings in 2020:

To participate in one of the Six Sigma trainings, a pre-registration form must be filled out. You can register directly via our website or by filling out the pre-registration form on the CEC Saar website. The IPL Institute will then contact you to complete your registration.

Do you have any questions or would like a company-specific offer? We would be pleased to advise you in a personal conversation about the possibilities of Six Sigma in your company, the training dates or the current training offer.

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Tel.: +49 681 954310

Procedure and content of the trainings

In different training blocks you will learn the DMAIC method step by step. Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt trainings take place in two training blocks of five days each. In addition, a practical project or a paper on a Six Sigma topic is required for certification. During the training period, an internationally experienced Master Black Belt will personally supervise you and ensure that you apply the acquired knowledge adequatly in your own company. With the project you bring measurable added value to your company.

During the training you will receive the necessary training material and practical tools such as the Six Sigma Memory Jogger in printed and digital form. We can provide you with a trial version (for a limited period of 30 days) of the necessary software, for example Minitab© or Power BI©. However, we recommend that you purchase the software for your company, as you will need these software packages for process analysis and problem solving on a permanent basis.

The training exceeds the requirements of ISO 13053 "Quantitative Methods of Process Optimization - Six Sigma", the European Six Sigma Club-Deutschland e.V. and the American Society for Quality (ASQ).

Each Six Sigma training is confirmed with a certificate of participation and after successful examination you will receive a Six Sigma certificate. With the Six Sigma certificate, you will also acquire ECTS for contiuing your academic education, which you can use in international university education. All certificates are handed out in german and english language.

With each training you will acquire skills that build upon each other to successfully apply the DMAIC cycle and be able to implement Six Sigma projects.

Take advantage of the support programme "Kompetenz durch Weiterbildung - KdW"

The certificates are eligible! The programme offers small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) of the Saarland the opportunity to receive a subsidy towards the further training costs of their employees.

  • Define:
    You determine the problem and its impact on your company in terms of customer satisfaction, quality and costs.
    ""Who is my customer and what are his expectations?"

  • Measure:
    You determine the influencing variables, their process capability and the capability of the measuring system.
    "What are we really measuring?"

  • Analyse:
    By using analytical and graphical tools you will understand the cause-and-effect relationship in your process or system.
    "Which X's have the most influence?"

  • Improve:
    You develop actions for improvment by using regression analyses and statistical design tools.
    "What is the optional setting for my process?"

  • Control:
    You create control plans and error prevention strategies to ensure that the introduced improvements are sustainable.
    "How do we keep the level that has been achieved?"